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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Handmade rustic furniture

Just finishing up a new run of my handmade rustic willow furniture. I recently got a load of plywood from Brad McQueen that I used to build eight new bases for tables that I topped with John Bundy's wonderful curly maple finished tops. I also recently got an assortment of leather and fabric and made nine stools. My load of corkscrew willow had just been trimmed from a couple of corkscrew willows and it is always nice to complete a run of stuff. The nicer weather has caused a number of people to visit the shop although few sales. Getting ready to do the Indie Vintage show at the Fountains in Carmel. John Bundy and I will share a booth and the last time we were there in November, the crowd was large and enthusiastic. The nice weather has made it possible to work outside and I am almost done bundling up the corkscrew willow. I need to get a lot more cut before the Flower and Patio show and it is rapidly approaching. It is hard to tear myself away from the lovely warmth of my wood stove to climb up a ladder in the cold wind and cut and gather more, but I will.
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