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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Redwings finally!!!!

Saw a large flock of redwings and heard their distinctive calls today on the way home from the shop. Also saw that they were in a photo sent in to channel 13. Soon they will be the most common bird seen until they leave in late fall. Nothing is so evocative as their loud calls, with the TUK!! sound they make as they fly. They will soon be at the top of every tree in their attempts to control territory. I also saw a large number of crows on the way to check out a curly willow tree in Markleville. Anderson has always been a gathering point for crows in the spring and fall. I can recall working in Anderson and seeing crows lining the edge of the building I worked in. I often wondered what drew them to Anderson. Next I hope to see my first buzzard. I also saw a flock of Killdeer this morning. All this despite the plunge in temperature and a dusting of snow. I saw a skunk near Pendleton and his smell plume was very long and powerful. The smell of spring. I have been working on some vases covered with fabric, leather and vinyl that I made from a large amount of plywood from Hickory Designs. I am anxious to get back to finishing some handmade rustic willow furniture after I finish up my bundling. Pussy willows will come out about March first after there are three days of 60 degree weather. I should be finished with all this mid March. The river and small streams have been flash frozen by the dip in the temperature. I will trim another curly willow tomorrow and maybe one more after that.
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