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Monday, March 4, 2013

Another trip to Deerfield

Took a trailer that I borrowed from my buddies Bill and Kevin Huff from Nurpu and The Log home Center in Clarksville to Deerfield,Indiana in Randolph county. Last week I picked up a load of pussywillows that the homeowner had already trimmed from one of his two trees. I trimmed the second tree today and loaded it on the trailer. Without the trailer, would have to have made two trips and that is a long way to go. I unloaded them into the shop to let them warm up and I will start bundling again tomorrow. On the way, I saw two buzzards working on a fresh skunk carcass. Boy was it fragrant. It was nice to be in the cool sunshine. More and more redwings and grackles. I stopped by a pussywillow tree in Muncie that I have trimmed for many years. The next few days will be busy. I will deliver enough for the opening Saturday at the Flower and Patio show and will get cracking on the next load. A pair of kestrels were mating on the wires as I passed. There were a pair of Rabbits on our patio yesterday morning. All the birds seem louder and more aggressive in the mornings. Talked to John and Valarie Bundy who were taking some of the stuff from their barn to the caraway to rinse it of before they go to the Indie Vintage show at the Fountains this Saturday. I will not be there as I am too busy with, yes PUSSYWILLOWS!!!!
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