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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hot rodding pussywillow

Due to the unusually cold conditions, pussywillows are not out like they usually are. I cut a pussywillow in Elwood and hauled the large branches back to the shop and set them up close to the wood stove to allow them to warmup and come out more. I did this with the pussywillows from Deerfield that were cut several weeks before. I did the same with them and indeed they came out more. I bundled them up and got 120 bunches. I plan to return to Deerfield tomorrow despite the cold conditions to trim the other tree. I will also stop by my spot in Muncie to trim it too. This is the coldest weather I have ever cut pussywillow and it makes me appreciate how much difference a few 60 degree days makes. Looks like will be able to make my goal, but it is not as much fun to be on a ladder in this weather as it has been in past years. I am also planning to cut a couple of trees in Arcadia on tussah, but the weather my not cooperate. We will see. I saw three pair of hooded mergansers on Stoney creek on Wednesday. Redwings are more numerous and they seem a little out of place in the snowy blustery landscape. We have had raccoons, possums, rabbits and large fat squirrels on our patio. I have not heard and horned owls as we have not had the windows open, but they should be heard soon. I will get all my stuff ready to take to the Fairgrounds Friday morning. I will also provide some furniture to Stoney Creek farms booth. I cannot wait to hear the spring peepers and chorus frogs. That is absolutely the most lovely and most unmistakable sound of Spring I know.
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