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Monday, March 25, 2013

Snowy trip to Henry County

Took a couple of chairs and two pussywillow wreaths to Terry Gray's lovely cabin near Summit Lake. She had selected them on saturday at the shop.I guess I might be a little crazy, but I enjoy driving my trusty AWD van into the teeth of a snowstorm. On the way, in the middle of the county road, was a snipe. Rarely seen but rather common this time of year, snipe usually are seen probing the mud along small streams looking for worms. This little guy had one, I could see it hanging out of his long beak as he flew away. This weather has to be tough for him, but he seemed to be doing well. I have been watching my usual places, but have not seen any others. The thaw should bring more. Here is a picture of snipe from last year:

After making my delivery, I swung by Sparky's Dog house in Mt.Summit for a couple of ham sandwiches. I took them to the causeway at Summit Lake and ate them as I scanned the lake and I saw a wide variety of ducks. Shovelers, lots of scaups, buffleheads, ring bills, honed and least grebes, but no loons. A few years back, on a day like today I saw large numbers of snow geese, but not today. There were probably more kinds of ducks, but it was snowing and blowing and rather dim and hard to see.

Driving back through the snow it was amazing to me the careless attitude of other drivers, all of whom seemed to be talking on the phone or texting. Terrifying.

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