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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Loons on Morse Lake

Stopped by the park near the dam on Morse lake where I often have seen Loons. I saw about thirty at once in December of 2011. They were in breeding plumage and were nuzzling each other. It was cold, but there were some loons of the human variety out on the lake in speedboats and a guy fishing off the dock. Also saw a couple of horned grebes, which I often see in association with loons. There will probably be a lot more soon.

Stopping by the bridge over Stoney Creek on Pilgrim road, I saw a few geese. I stopped to pick up what I thought was a beef jerky container so that it would not wind up in this lovely creek. I was surprised to find that it was a DVD set of the fourth season of Breaking Bad, one of my favorites. It appears that someone made a stop and the DVD slipped out without being noticed. Looks like my Boy Scout move turned out to be especially good Karma and it brought a smile to my face. I have found an amazing variety of stuff right in the middle of the road over the years, from a bag of pot on highway 32 between Muncie and Yorktown, a trombone and nearly all the tools I have. I probably rubbernecking too much, but it has paid off for me. Slow day in the shop, finishing up the last of the pussywillows and burning up some wood I have been saving for years.

A few visitors. Sold a couple of chairs a table and two pussywillow wreaths to a lady who has bought several tables and a swing for her log cabin in Henry county. I am supposed to deliver them on Monday, but we will see how the snowstorm goes.
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