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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Uncle Joe's 2013

Although my uncle Joe Eakin is no longer with us, I still am drawn to his place south of Charlottesville, in Hancock county. On the way, I stopped at Lukens sawmill to pick up a little firewood. There is not as much competition for it on hot summer days. There was not much, but I did get a few pieces that are too good to be firewood. I saw the sawyer cutting some spalted maple into some nice two inch slabs that would make some nice contemporary studio tables. It appears they have figured out the current trends. I also went there with the intention of talking to the Guys at the Knightstown elevator next door about some black locusts on their property. The head guy was not there, but I got his email address and will pursue this with him later. It was a good day to scout for black locusts as they are in bloom, covered with the most sweetly fragrant clusters of white flowers. They are very dramatic and easy to spot. This truly signals the end of mushroom season and the beginning of summer. I stopped and talked to another landowner who seemed receptive, but he was leaving to get some parts for his planter. We will talk more later.
I bought a dozen night crawlers from the bait shop across the street from a sweet lady who wished me luck.
I made my way down to Sixmile creek where I have caught lots of rock bass and very large smallmouth in years past. I caught a nice rock bass, some call them goggle eyes, on my first cast, and quickly caught ten more, keeping six to take home to eat. I waded the stream, which is really small and inconsequential. There are a few holes that are perhaps as big as a hot tub. The water is usually clear and clean and fairly swift. On my very last cast, with all my worms expended, with only tiny bit left on the hook, I caught a three or four pound smallmouth who made my little ultralight sing. A very gratifying few hours of fishing in an idyllic place. I returned the smallmouth to his hole. I probably have caught him before. He acted like he knew me. I may start tagging them when I catch them.
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