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Sunday, May 26, 2013

May in Lapel

My landlord has been having a crew work on the building I rent. The building was built in 1887 and like any old building, needs some attention from time to time. The windows are being reglaised and painted and storm windows are being added upstairs. The roof will be redone and the bricks will be tuck pointed. In this construction zone, I have had to move around my stuff to allow the lift to get close to the building. It is a little trouble, but worth it to snug up the building.

Business has been somewhat slow, and has allowed me to work on organizing and finishing up some unfinished pieces and use up some of the wood I have accumulated. I took a stab at making a six board blanket chest in which to store upholstery material. It turned out pretty good. It is painted red and trimmed with hickory from Brad McQueen. This may be something I will do more of.

The summer birds are here, but we still have not seen any hummingbirds at home, though I have seen them other places. Everywhere I stop on my regular route, orioles are whistling their sweet songs. They seem to be everywhere. Likewise with yellowthroats. Red headed wood peckers, Tennessee warblers, indigo buntings, savannah sparrows add to the variety. I have heard a few great crested flycatchers, but have not seen any. The soft-shell turtles are out along Stony creek on Pilgrim road. I saw four at one time and they look like crocodiles waiting on the sandy bank. They are enormous. I think the biggest ones are nearly two feet in diameter.

I have not seen the snappers that inhabit the same stream yet. They like the really hot weather.

I began making some loveseat frames and will finish next week. I hope to get some fishing in after Memorial day, before I go up to Cleveland to visit my son and attend my granddaughter Kayci's graduation.
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