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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Erika the Lumberjack

Today my sweet niece Erika Haverstick and I ventured out to Milner's Corners to harvest some Black Locust trees that I needed to complete two arbors that I have to complete. Most people would be intimidated to dive into tall grass and help me haul fairly large and heavy trees a good ways to the van to assemble into arbors, but not Erika. She has long been a fan of my handmade rustic willow furniture. The day was not hot, but the work was hard and we had to take several breaks to rehydrate. Thanks to her help,I was able to complete what would take me a long, hard time to do, to a much less difficult day. She also dived into helping me to finish a substantial portion of the arbor in Pendleton. Thanks to you Erika!! It is always nice to spend time with her, and we seem to be on the same, of course, weird wavelength. I hope she is not as tired and sore as I am, and I pray the chiggers did not find her.
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