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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Talbot Street art fair

June 8-9 brings the Talbot Street Art Fair to Indy. My booth will be at the corner of Talbot and 18th street, in front of one of the victorian homes in that lovely neighborhood. Talbot street is two blocks east of Meridian. The show is free and features artist from all over the country. I will exhibit my handmade rustic willow furniture there as I have for the past twenty five or so years. I am always proud to be a part of one of the oldest art fairs in the country. This show began when I was only nine years old, still playing with army men (and sticks!). the shop will be closed that weekend and also this coming weekend as I am attending my granddaughter Kayci's graduation from high school.

I have had two bids for arbors accepted within a few days of each other. I have had to get out and explore to get some new sources of the black locust trees from which they are built. I was able to find some in Hancock county as I was on my way down to the sawmill in Knightstown. I found a farmer who is willing to sell me some, but I will have to cut them myself. It will be hard work, harder than I am used to as the trees are much larger and heavier than the willow I use for my handmade rustic willow furniture.

I found only a few small pieces at the sawmill, but one was a nice slab of spalted maple. I put some hickory legs on it and spent some time sanding the top. I will let it dry some before I varnish it, but it looks great.

I have been seeing and hearing a pileated woodpecker in my back yard the last few days. What a lame name! Red crested woodpecker would be less officious. Bird names are often stupid. Prothonitary warbler, for example.
Anyway, it is wonderful to see the startlingly large bird in my yard. Also a ground hog just came out from under my shed. The shed had been home to this family of groundhogs, rabbits, possums and even a fox.

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