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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bear's Mill

Although the Lapel Village fair and my open house is coming up July 12-13-14, I am also getting ready for an exhibition of my furniture at Bear's Mill, along with my friend John Bundy, who will be showing his hand carved duck decoys. We collaborate in making tables and will be showing those as well.This show will open July 26th and will run for a month. Bear's Mill is a working grist mill located just outside Greenville, Ohio.
It dates from the 1840's and has been completely restored. I can be toured and has retail sales of flour from the Mill as well as ongoing monthly art exhibits year round. I feel proud and fortunate to be selected to exhibit at this wonderful historic venue.

Getting there from my shop takes me down US highway 36, on of my favorite drives, peaceful, low stress and while the countryside is not spectacular, it is much better than the interstate.

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