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Monday, July 8, 2013

Lapel village fair

This weekend bring the 24 th annual Lapel Village fair and my 19th annual open house. I learned today that my friend Joe Green, who has been a fixture at my open house will have his handmade leather and fabric bags as well as his hand carved walking sticks on hand, but he will not be present as his brigade has been mobilized to Corydon, to counter an expected Confederate attack. Joe has become involved in the civil war reenactment scene, recently participating with the Confederate forces last weekend at Gettysburg as a part of the 150 th anniversary battle. Joe has long said he was born in the wrong century, and he really enjoys the camaraderie of the reenactment culture. He looks the part in his authentic garb of the day and his unit takes turns in being either Union or Confederate units. He says he has been impressed by revisiting the bravery and respect for all the soldiers that served on both sides. It would be wonderful if our people and leaders could have the same bipartisan attitude.

The open house will miss Joe's colorful prescence. It appears that the weather will be terrific, and the crowds will be large. I always enjoy former customers and old friends stopping by to see me.
This event always causes me to spiff up the shop and I love it when people are able to visit my shop for the first time.

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