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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lafayette trace ramp

One of my favorite places to view wildlife is the Lafayette Trace park boat ramp, just at the north terminus of Cynthanne road, just west of my buddy John Bundy's shop. I usually go there every morning. It is usually empty during the week. Standing on the ramp watching the river, which is mercifully starting to clear, I witnessed thirty eastern tailed blue butterflies feeding on the mud deposited by previous high water there. It is not unusual to see butterfies engaged in this activity, but I do not recall seeing the blue doing so. I saw several red spotted purples going toward the park, but not many more butterflies recently, though I did find a dead comma in my shop yesterday.

While standing there, I looked through my binoculars at the hole in the sycamore across the river for the great crested flycatcher that I have seen there recently as well as last year and was gratified to see one sitting motionless about a foot from the hole. He turned his head all around, looking for threats to his or her nest. I watched for twenty minutes or so. He did not have any food items in his mouth and never called. This nesting spot in this hole seems to be a good one. There are spots like this all along the river. It is great to see them reusing the nest year after year, and makes me wonder if it is the same pair. The great crested flycatcher is a bird who is seldom seen, though often heard along rivers. They do tend to stay in one place for long periods. I would love to be able to see inside the nest.Time spent watching a spot like this can really pay off.

Still spiffing up the shop getting ready for the Lapel Village fair.

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