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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Handmade rustic willow furniture

Put the finishing touches on an upholstered bench for a lady who ordered it while visiting with an RV group a few weeks ago. Banged my thumb pretty good, which is always a bad thing. Also jabbed a nail into one of my fingers, and one into my jaw. My poor body cannot take much more of this.

Did a little fishing at Lafayette Trace and caught several nice smallmouth on some shrimp that went out of date in my refrigerator. They really like them. An oncoming front shut them off all at once. The river is clearing and becoming more shallow. It is nice to be able to see the fish.

Got back a few of my largest pieces from a retailer who took the liberty of painting my pieces PURPLE. She was convinced that doing so would make them irresistible, but that did not happen. So if anyone wants handmade rustic willow furniture that is grape purple, boy do I have a deal for you!!!

It will not be long before we will head out to the 8th annual Country Living Show in Columbus, Ohio. I will need to build a lot of trellises to take, as I sold every one I had last year. I am pretty much ready otherwise.

The folks at Bear's Mill in Greenville, Ohio confirmed today that John Bundy and I will be at the annual open house there October 5-6. This is a wonderful historic treasure that cannot be missed.

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