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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Knott's well

Visited Knott's well near Frankton to fill up my water bottles Tuesday. It has been a long time, since early spring since I have been there. I was sick of drinking bottled store-bought water, and it was wonderful to have a long drink of this delicious water. While I was there, several family groups including grandchildren and grandparents visited the well and walked around the lovely grounds, but oddly enough, did not drink from it. Another visitor to the well watched me filling my jugs and I allowed him to go ahead and take turns with me as he only had a few jugs and I had many. After he filled his eight jugs, after watching me for fifteen minutes, he asked me if I was filling my jugs with water.HUH???

Before I went to the well, I stopped at Bernie's in Frankton for lunch, a delicious tenderloin. Got to catch up with Cathy, the bartender, who has worked there for at least twenty-five years. There was a large crowd having lunch and it was if nothing had changed in the several years since I had been there.

I saw a muskrat, a fat water snake sunning and almost hit a very young spotted faun who burst from a cornfield. I had to slam on the brakes to miss him. On the bridge across duck creek, I stopped to take a picture of a kingfisher dead on the road, probably a juvenile who swooped into a car.

I also made my weekly stop at Hickory Designs to pick up their weekly accumulation of scrap wood. Picked up a lot of plywood that was already cut to the size I can use to make perhaps twenty vases. Brad's workshop was jammed with hundreds of barstools getting ready to ship out. His business has been booming.

I returned to my shop and unloaded the water and wood and trimmed some of the willows I gathered Monday.

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