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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pendleton Arts Society

My buddies, Bruce Neckar and John Reynolds have arranged for an exhibition of the Nickel Plate Boys Traveling show at the Pendleton Arts Society during the Pendleton Heritage festival September 6-7 at 136 West Water street in Pendleton. We are very flattered to be invited to display our stuff at this very nice venue.

The Pendleton Heritage Fair Is a HUGE event, and parking will be impossible as the town fills up with thousands of people who attend this long running festival.

The Nickel Plate Boy include myself, Bruce Neckar, John Reynolds and John Bundy. We have a shared vision and philosophy and our work goes very well together. We are old school and are proud of it. I make rustic willow furniture. John Bundy makes incredible carved duck decoys and he and I collaborate in making a line of tables. John Reynolds teaches oil painting at the Pendleton arts society and is wildly known for his animal images. Bruce Neckar does remarkable drawings that showcase birds in their natural habitats.

We would love to see you at our exhibition and we believe that you will enjoy our work. The exhibit is free and you can also attend the Heritage Fair in this lovely historic town.
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