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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bittersweet tiime again

The last few days have had me visiting my favorite bittersweet spots. For fourty years I have roamed the back roads of eastern Indiana to find and gather bittersweet. I always know I am far enough from the main road when I roust a group of buzzards from the middle of the road. This happened three times on Labor day. One of the buzzards even tried to challenge me, aggressively approaching me. The others flew away, their large wingspans even more evident at close range as they soared over my van.

After three days of gathering, I probably have enough. This year has been like most, some spots were very good as always, others have disappeared entirely, due to the herbicidal madness of farmers, highway crews and power line trimmers. It is gratifying to see bittersweet growing in places where I have planted it, often by throwing scrap berries out my van window.

Last week was good for sales at the shop and sadly I got my last check from Bear's Mill. John Bundy and I will return for the Bear's Mill fall open house October 5-6.
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