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Sunday, September 29, 2013

End of September

These last weeks have been such a dramatic change in focus, from getting ready for the Country Living Show to getting back to making my handmade rustic willow furniture. I have taken time to level and take inside all the white birch logs that I got from Paul VanDuyn. I have leveled them and am working on gradually soaking them in a boric acid solution to get rid of the bark beetles. People have been buying them for end tables and plant stands as well as the smaller logs for around the fire. They are very trendy right now and there are few places to find them.

I have also been fininshing up some large frames and trimming them with willow. They look pretty good. I have used up the remained of the birchbark covering some vases. I really enjoy making things and a run of a number of items made efficiently using up material that would otherwise be totally wasted really brings a sense of satisfaction. I have been able to get a little more organized and a m looking forward to doing the Bear's Mill open house October 5-6.

I am welcoming the coming of fall and it is reassuring to see the changing of the seasons.
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