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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yellowthroats and yellowrumps

After a weekend in the rain and driving hours through the carwash, it was a real treat to stop by Geist park at Luxhaven to walk the trail and to see the familiar sights of this wonderful place. Walking out to the end of the plastic walkway to the marsh, about halfway along the trail, I saw yellowrumped warblers plucking bugs from the bark of an old willow growing along the edge of the marek. I have seen them in this exact same place as I have seen them. Spring and fall for years. I wonder if they are the same ones. I also managed to get a yellowthroat in my binoculars and the lighting was spectacular and well worth the hike. This little marsh is one of the most pristine habitatats I know of and it is so accessible along the walkway. I remember being lost in this same area when I was six, mushroom hunting with my dad and his buddies. I had never seen so many frogs. There are still some there but not like back then,before all the development in the area and the accompanying herbicide overload.

I went to the Broadway restaurant in Fortville for their famous chicken livers. I was glad to be back to the leisurely pace of my normal life and spent the day drying my tent and furniture.
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