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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Like Mother, Like Daughter

After years of being the only shop in Lapel, I have been thrilled that the proprietess of the Bulldog Corner has opened a shop in the log cabin directly across the street from my shop. Shelly Troutman and her mom Becky Hill have joined forces to open a farmhouse collectable and vintage shop in what had been a long neglected cabin. Shelly bought the property this past summer and has spent considerable time and resources fixing it up. The cabin has housed a tax office and a roofing company over the years as well as a nest of lowdown werewolves the past fewyears. When they moved out I have not missed their screeching cries and the silence was very welcome.

The cabin was part of a roadside cabin complex that was originally part of what is now Strawtown pottery. There were originally five cabins according to Matt and Diane Garrison, owners of Strawtown pottery and was a place for weary travelers to spend the night as they went up and down highway 37. I am not sure when it was moved to Lapel.

Shelly and her mom have stocked the cabin with their personal accumulation of items. She has allowed me to install one of my swings on the porch and it has really greatly added to the downtown. Shelly is a very enterprising person with a large network of friends and family and if anyone can make it work, she can. We are also fortunate to have the consignment shop, Salvage Sisters, open up this pat summer. Added to the downtown resurgence is the quilt shop Sew Many Blessings and the very successful Cakery. We are all joining together to be open on December 7 for Lapel's inaugural Christmas walk.

People love the small town Main Street ambiance of Lapel. Small towns have been ravaged by the malls and big box stores and it is nice to see this trend moving in a different direction.
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