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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bittersweet sale

This year I gathered way too much bittersweet for the market and have about eighty bunches left. I am reducing the price from eight dollars to three dollars a bunch. They are large bunches of American bittersweet, not the invasive Asian bittersweet. I am open to an even larger discount for quantity purchases. Bittersweet is widely used in Thanksgiving decorating and can provide a touch of authentic nostalgia to your home during this harvest season. It lasts for several years and the berries can be planted if you want to grow your own.

I spent the day finishing some very large 20x30 inch birchbark frames. I have competed a large run of 8x10 frames and have put my friend Bruce Neckar's woodpecker prints in the frames. They make a natural pairing. His prints make my frames look great and my frames make his prints stand out. I am really flattered to be a part of this partnership. I have enjoyed my partnership with my buddy and duck decoy carver John Bundy. We have partnered in producing a line of tables that feature his highly finished tiger and curly maple tops with my rustic bases. We have had a good deal of success with this combination.

I have enjoyed the cooler weather that has allowed me to fire up my stove and sitting in my rocker in front of the warmth of the dancing flames sometimes makes it hard to get back to work making handmade rustic willow furniture.

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