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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sawmill day

My last passes at my favorite sawmill have been unsuccessful. There was no scrap the last six or seven times I went by to check. Something made me go there today and I was rewarded with a big pile of walnut, oak and poplar. I overloaded my van, which made it hard to steer as the weight made the front wheels almost come off the road. I had to drive slowly and was weaving all over the road. I unloaded the van and then returned for a little smaller load which was much easier to control. I got a nice variety of firewood and slabs and pieces to be made into willow screens. I may go back tomorrow as there was enough for another load. It is first come first serve and free firewood for the loading is very rare and there are lots of guys who are just like me. I have missed out by just a little bit several times when I have been beaten out by guys who got there before me.

It was nice to get out in the improving weather to get a little physical exercise. I will now be set for the rest of the winter for firewood and have enough slabs to make quite a number of tables.
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