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Monday, March 17, 2014

Pussywillow time

Usually spring propels me into a high speed, time sensitive gathering of pussywillows to provide for the cut flower booth at the Indiana Flower and Patio show, but this year the person I usually collaborate with decided not to do the show. It worked out well this year as the pussywillows usually come out at the beginning of March, but look out your window, winter has only just barely started to loosen it's grip. I would not have been able to provide the large quantity of PW that they would usually sell. Last year it was 650 bunches, enough to fill my van several times.

I gathered some earlier this weekend and cut two large trees in Arcadia this morning. Although it was 22 degrees this morning, the pussywillows were out as they are against a large stone wall. I will cut some more from a couple of trees in Deerfield, in Randolph county later this week. I do not have the outlet for them yet, but I am like a squirrel helpless to stop gathering. It does make me feel like I have met a challenge, but it is not so time loaded. Tonight I feel like someone has beaten me up, but is a good tired. I do not know many people my age who could climb twenty feet up in a tree and cut a van load of PW. I will be moving slower tomorrow.

I have been seeing mergansers, ring necks and I had a fox sparrow at my feeder this morning.

I am looking forward to the ever recurrent miracle that is Spring in Indiana.
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