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Monday, March 10, 2014

Trip to Louisville

Today I made an uncharacteristic high speed run to deliver a large wholesale order to an interior design firm in Louisville. I usual prefer to travel the back roads, but had to stick to the interstate due to time constraints. It was a lovely spring day and even though I was hurtling along I -65, I was able to witness the world beginning to wake up.

I heard the lovely sound of frogs in the flooded wetlands, I saw a large bolus of perhaps several thousand redwings and a large flock of Sandhills emerging from the Muscatatuck wildlife refuge and appearing to be heading toward Goose pond. The rivers and creeks were green with EUGLENA, and geese and ducks were everywhere.

Unfortunately the roads were saturated with trucks and distracted drivers weaving all over the road while driving at high speed down a road that appeared to have been repeatedly bombed and them patched by the lowest bidder. Plastic car bumpers littered the roadside, I must have seen fifty that had been detached by winter crashes. There were dozens of places where vehicles had left the road and crashed into trees and signs.

There were also the lovely sights of spring flowers blooming in some of the stylish old neighborhoods of Louisville.

I will be glad to be back to the sweet peacefulness of my shop and the back roads.
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