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Monday, April 7, 2014

Otter at Morse Lake

Unless there was a sea lion at Morse lake Sunday morning, I definitely saw an otter just off the beach area. I have seen beaver and muskrats, but this guy was diving deep for fish and moving fast. I think he went over the dam into the creek. I would be interested if anyone else saw him. Otter have been released at the Salimonie and at Tippecanoe river.

I also saw a handful of loons, mergansers, scaups, ruddies, horned grebes, and cormorants.

I have been working on birchbark picture frames at the shop, going through my hoard of birchbark and gluing it to plywood frames.

My buddy Paul Van Duyn stopped by to share a seat by the fire and a beer. John Bundy and Eric Freeman were there smoking their cigars earlier in the week and the smell reminded me of my grandfather.

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