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Monday, April 14, 2014

Twenty years on Main Street

It is with great fondness that I recall moving from my Victorian home in Muncie to what seemed at the time an extremely spacious storefront at Seventh and Main in Lapel twenty years ago to first open May first 1994. I still remember my excitement at the luxury of the large empty space being gradually filled to the overstuffed condition of today.

I can recall the cheap ass plywood and ceiling insulation covering the large windows and all the work to remove this ugly covering and to scrape the white paint and glue from what are now lovely windows that let in so much natural light.

The world has changed considerably since then, from an era of prosperity to the wars and what the economy is like now. I have never had any regrets about the move and am still very happy and content in this location.

The people of Lapel have been very supportive and friendly and my location has brought a little notoriety to the sleepy town of Lapel.

It does seem impossible that so much time has passed. I am curious as to what the future holds in store. I am experiencing a slowing of my production, but I find that I still enjoy making my handmade rustic willow furniture.

I picked up the leftovers from the Houston Brick Spring Bazaar that was held in Lewisville this past weekend. It was a very rainy morning. I had hoped to be able to pick up another load of slabs from the Lukens sawmill in Knightstown. Just as I arrived there, the rain stopped and I was able to gather some wood for next year's firewood.

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