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Monday, May 5, 2014

May in Indiana

The first weekend in may always brings Orchard in Bloom at Holliday Park. This year, the weather on Thursday and friday was freezing. Saturday and Sunday were nice. Good crowd, lots of former customers and friends, few sales.
On Saturday I saw the shadow of a large bird fly over my booth and roost in a pine tree nearby. It turned out to be an osprey. I had seen one over White river at 206th st on Thursday. This is where I have most frequently seen them. Despite hundreds of people all around, I seemed to be the only one who saw him.

On the way home, I saw a large number of shorebirds, mostly lesser yellowlegs and pectorals along Grassy Branch, north of highway 32 in Westfield.I have heard lots of warblers but I have not had the time or extra energy to pursue them.

I unloaded my stuff this morning. I planned to go mushroom hunting, but I was out of juice and spent the day recovering in my rocker at the shop, spiffing things up a little. I have heard and seen reports of mushrooms in our area. The conservation officers were able to protect a wealthy persons domain at Gray's woods over the weekend by arresting two harmless mushroom hunters. They waited in the woods to get them. I would be very surprised if they would do the same for you or me if our land was being trespassed upon.

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