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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mushroom hunt

While drinking my coffee this morning, I was treated to the sight of a Wood Thrush in my back yard. Closer observation revealed a yellow rumpled warbler and a kinglet. Over the weekend I saw a Wilson's Phalarope along Gray road near Guerin school. My brother in law Jerry Haverstick saw a pair along White river near his house last week.

On the way to the shop this morning, I came upon two buzzards along the road feeding upon raccoons. Only one of them flew away, and if I had not slowed down, I would have hit the other one. After taking care of my weekly recycling gig at Hickory Designs, I decide to go mushroom hunting at Veteran's park near Fortville.

This area resembles the wooded area at Ft. Harrison State Park and I have many happy memories of roaming this woods as a child. It was within walking distance of my home.

I saw an ovenbird, which I have seldom seen, a scarlet tanager, a black and white warbler, but no blue-gray gnatcatchers. I did see white crowned sparrows where I always ee them and heard northern Parulas in the same place as always. These kinds of observations bring a feeling consistency to me.

The forest seemed to be in an early stage of spring and I found no mushrooms in my usual spots. As I always do, I swung by the old dump to see if the groundhogs had brought up any interesting bottles. I found a few, and in the midst of all the broken glass, I found a single yellow morel.

I hope to go to the Missessinewa with my sister and brother and and I hope to get back down to uncle Joe's soon.
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