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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Talbot Street Art Fair

Now that mushroom season has passed and I have temporarily satisfied my fishing urges, it is time to return to making handmade rustic willow furniture once again. It will soon be time for Talbot Street. This will be the 59th. I am proud to have been in the show for almost half of them. It seems hard to believe.

I have been working on some upholstered stools, picture frames and birdhouses. As always the shop is full, the new pieces have taken the place of some sold items. it is nice to have the doors open and people visiting.

I spent last weekend with my brother in law and his grown boys at a cabin on the lake at Shakamak State park. Although the fishing was not as good as usual, it was enjoyable to hang out with these great guys,sitting around the fire, looking at the stars and speculating about the universe and the nature of life.

It was great to revisit a place that has such wonderful memories and now I have some new ones.

There are several projects coming up. I have been selected by Conner Prarie to create a piece for the new crafts center and I am very flattered to be a part of this.
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