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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Woodland terrorists

I noticed this article in the CURRENT:

AP Perkinsville, Indiana.

Saturday coordinated actions by elements of Homeland security, The DNR, the Hamilton county Sheriff's department, Indiana State Police and the Fish and Wildlife service resulted in the apprehension of a group of allegedly Non-Christians trespassing on the large woodland owned by a wealthy local family.

Teams of agents hidden in the woods and aided by drone surveillance aircraft spotted a group of people in the woods without permission. Agents discovered that they had in their possession green leafy substances and flowers that could not be identified and which have been sent to state labs for testing.

Although the names of the suspects were not released, the group indicated that they were part of a "family", but this could not be confirmed. According to law enforcement sources, none of the members of the group had any proof of citizenship or proof of being Christians other than their birth certificates and drivers licenses. The children had no identification of any kind.

The suspects gave the story that they were part of a local family, mother, grandmother and three children. The adults were sent to an undisclosed site to be further interrogated. Preliminary charges include harvesting dangerous drugs, conspiracy, and endangerment and neglect of children. The suspects maintained that they were only "walking in the woods with their children and grandchildren." They told agents that they were looking at birds and wildlife without any kind of permits or licenses, and it is suspected that they may have also been looking for mushrooms.

The children were taken into custody by Child Protective services and placed separately in approved Christian foster homes. Governor Mike Pence credited observant Christian citizens and the coordination of Federal and local law enforcement agencies for helping to bring this incident to an end with only a few hundred shots being fired by agents.
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