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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Loons at Morse Lake

Wednesday November 12, I counted twenty loons on Morse lake opposite the beach area. They are in their winter plumage, whiter than in the spring. It is noteworthy that I saw the largest group where I have always seen them directly across from the beach. There was also a large raft of perhaps fifty buffleheads. Coots were everywhere and I saw a large group of my favorites, ring necks the pond on Indiana 19 south of 206th street.

Later I looked at a previous post from 2011, November 15, and I had seen a large group then, just a couple of days different. It is amazing the incredible regularity of Nature. I have yet to see any Sandhills, but this polar vortex should bring us some.

On the way to Union City and the Arts Depot, I slid by Summit lake an saw thousands of coots, with a few buffleheads. It was a dim dark day, and I was glad to get my handmade rustic willow furniture set up and ready. The director, Vickie Vardaman was so very helpful as always. There will be a few Bundy duck decoys here as well.

It was nice to get back to my familiar rocker near the fire at the shop.

Next week, I will take a load to Lewisville for the Houston Brick Christmas Bazaar and the following week, I will take stuff to the Nickel plate. It is good to get my stuff on display and in front of the public. The year is shooting by.
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