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Friday, November 21, 2014

Sandhills, mink and fox sparrows /Lewisville Bazaar

Last night as I crossed White river at 206th street, I could see a flock of Sandhills in the shallows of the river out of the wind. I saw them flying in and fluttering down to the same spot tonight, perhaps 40. I wonder if they are the same ones.

This morning as I was drinking my coffee and watching the news, I noticed a sparrow that was chunkier than the others scratching like a chicken looking for sunflower seeds on my patio. As it became lighter, I was able to confirm that it was a Fox Sparrow. As I watched I was able to see there were a pair. I see these birds twice a year in the spring and fall as they migrate through. They hang around for a week or so. I see them on my patio and at Lafayette Trace park. I saw tree sparrows at Lafayette trace earlier this week, and I saw a raft of 50-60 scaups at Morse lake, but only one loon.

The last few mornings I have seen mink tracks on the fine snow on the ice of Stony Creek, where I see their tracks and sometime see them in person in the depths of winter. Their tracks are distinctive. I have seen a few dead on the road earlier in the fall. It is hard to understand that it will be fall for another month before winter officially begins.

I took a load of my handmade rustic willow furniture to the Houston Brick for their Christmas bazaar. The place is filled with handmade local crafts and will be open for sale tonight and Saturday and Sunday. As always it was a nice uncrowded drive to Lewisville.

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