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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Redwings, finally

Yesterday on the way home, I saw a dark bird perched upon the tiptop branch of a tree, typical springtime behavior for a redwing. The bird was pretty far away and despite having two pair of good binoculars,I did not have either pair with me. I stopped and shut off my van and listened and heard the distinctive lovely call that confirmed it was indeed a redwing. He seemed rather lonesome. Soon they will be singing from the top of every tree.

I have not seen any Sandhills yet, but the Indianapolis Star had photos of several near Goose pond, so it will not be long, probably today. I was cutting corkscrew willows in Anderson yesterday and expected to hear them, but no luck. I will be out cutting another later today after the fog lifts, and I expect to hear their cries today.

(It turns out that a group of 50 flew over Lapel today. I heard another, but could not see them.)

This long cold winter has delayed everything, especially the emergence of pussywillows, which are still not out. They should be by the end of this week and I will be propelled into cutting and bundling them in preparation for the Indiana Artisan Marketplace March 28-29 at the Indiana State fairgrounds.

It will be a welcome relief to be out in the air, traveling a little to gather my annual crop of pussywillows after a long winter struggling to stay warm cooped ut in my shop.

I have seen coyotes nearly everyday, and yesterday I was as close as I have ever been to one, sitting in my living room in Noblesville as one approached my patio door and came within twenty feet of me sitting drinking coffee in my bathrobe. I was able to grab my camera and get a shot as he moved on, surveying the edge of the field behind my home. I have seen their tracks through my yard all winter. Most of the others I have seen have been very distant, perhaps a half mile away.

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