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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cutting trees

Although yesterday was very cold, there was no wind and sunny and it was perfect for being outside. Bob McClintock and I cut some maple saplings for table legs and marked some maple trees to be tapped for maple sugaring on property belonging to his family, who seem to be the major inhabitants of the area north of Lapel.

After unloading the saplings, we went to my home where Bob and I cut down an ash tree that has fallen victim to the emerald ash borer. Bob is a vigorous young man half my age and I really appreciated his skill with a chain saw. He spends a lot of time cutting firewood in the woods and it was good to get out and get some oxygen in my blood. A little sore today from loading all the wood into my van.

I have been seeing lots of ducks and tremendous numbers of geese. I saw a large, very light colored coyote carrying a rabbit near the Hamilton Center Mall, probably carrying it back to his den for the new generation of pups. He was very large an especially healthy looking. I saw a large group of about 150 Lapland Longspurs near lapel last week and I notice that someone else had seen some nearby. They are much fatter and shorter than horned larks, with whom they are usually seen. The groups they form on the ground are much tighter and they make sweet tinkling sounds.

I also saw a couple of pipits at EXACTLY the same place highway 13 and 206th street, I saw them last year. They walk like robins and look like bigger Horned larks only plainer.
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