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Monday, February 8, 2016

Spring Sapsucker

For many years, the return of a yellow bellied sapsucker to a white pine tree in the yard of my former home in Muncie in early April was one of the signs of spring. I saw one today on my Austrian Pine in the backyard of my Noblesville home. I have seen them more frequently here, but I an still going to believe it is a sign of spring, despite the fact that snow and plunging temperatures are due tomorrow.

I just dropped off my two entries for the Nature's Inspirations art show at Cool Creek park Nature Center 2000 East 151st Street in Carmel. The show runs from February 19 through March 6.

I visited Conner Prairie on Friday to inspect the area where I will do a large installation next to the FABULOUS tree house they are putting up, due to open this summer. I am still working on the plans. This will be a large and challenging project. More later.

I attended a conference at Traditional Arts Indiana in Bloomington last week at which plans for demonstrations by a number of traditional craftsmen at Indiana State Parks during the Bicentennial this year were made.I was flattered to be invited to this gathering and my friend and fellow craftsman John Bundy and I enjoyed networking with the other craftsmen. While the ride down involved battling weekday rush hour traffic around Indianapolis,full of texters and lunatics, I followed my instincts in taking lovely highway 39 back. The countryside was beautiful just before sunset, and the drive was FAR less stressful.

I have been enjoying my new stove at the shop and I have been cutting and bundling corkscrew willow in preparation for the Flower and Patio show this year after a two year break. The Indiana Floral Designers group will be doing the cut flower booth and my corkscrew and pussy willows will also be available there. This is another challenging project that also becomes a part of my spring every year.

I am anxious to see the first buzzard and hear the song of the redwing blackbird.

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