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Thursday, February 18, 2016

2016 Nature's Inspiration Cool Creek Park Nature Center

I have been encouraged to enter two items in Cool Creek Park Nature Center's Art Show, Nature's Inspirations, by my artist friends Bruce Neckar and John Reynolds. The show opens Friday night February 19 and runs through March 6. The park is a popular place to walk and observe wildlife and the nature center is a wonderful jewel. It brings nature to children in a very hands-on way. It is open weekdays and weekends and is well worth a trip. It is oddly close to a large shopping center and is very accessible. I have not been to the art show before and am looking forward to the opening. For more information about Cool Creek Park, click HERE.

I thought I heard a redwing yesterday, but I was probably mistaken. They will be here this weekend I bet. I have been seeing mink tracks in the snow on the ice on Stoney creek. The track patterns reflect the mink's bounding gait. They are elusive and usually their tracks in the snow on frozen streams are the only clue to their presence. I once had one bound over my feet as I was standing motionless on a bridge. I have seen them feeding on deer carcasses in the water.

Morse park had some open water and a large group of mallards around it, with 3 pair of buffleheads hanging out with them. The coming warm spell will bring in a variety of ducks and I intend to visit Summit Lake Monday.

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