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Monday, November 7, 2016

New upholstered stools

This last week I used some maple saplings rescued from the chipper to produce a run of 20 new stools. I was driving along and saw the crew of the power line cutting guys cutting some maple saplings that I had had my eye on
for several years and they had cut them as they were growing directly under the power lines. They allowed me to take what i wanted. They very efficiently chipped up the rest with their powerful machinery.

Normally I depend upon my buddy Bob McClintock to help me cut maple saplings in midwinter, but this was too good to pass up and I am glad to save something so clearly from the chipper. In addition, I was out of the size saplings I needed for stools and these were perfect.

This run of stools used up 80 maple legs, 40 pieces of plywood and twenty pieces of fabric that had been inert in storage in my shop.I love bringing the saved plywood and fabric into completed new stools.

At the same time, I received a call from Liz Dillon from the Small Mall who wanted me to bring her more stools!
It feels good to be on target with production.

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