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Friday, November 25, 2016

Small business Saturday

Although I try to stay away from the cultural stampede that has become the norm for holidays is our world, I do embrace the pragmatic idea of Small Business Saturday. I try to promote ALL small businesses throughout the year and not just simultaneously in unison with everyone else once a year. Our world has been dominated for several years by the Presidential elections and Black Friday seems to have been looming over us for months. It is all so wearisome. It points out how much the media invests in attempting to manipulate us.

I look forward to Groundhog day, the only holiday that has not been overly commercialized.

At any rate, I have been working in the shop on finishing twenty new stools and I have just completed three new clocks. I will be finishing up a new group of end tables and trying to use up the willows that have been clogging things up.

I had the privilege of having Thanksgiving at my stepson Scotts on his newly delivered table that he had me produce. It was wonderful to see the family react to the tableland it took me all the way through the cycle of creating a piece and them using it.

I will be offering good deals to people who come to my shop on Small business Saturday, but I try to do that everyday. I will be even more generous during this holiday season.

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