Monday, January 9, 2017

Welcome to Willow by Greg Adams

As a result of my appearance on Handcrafted America I am anticipating an interest in my creations. In these days of free shipping through Amazon, I regret that I cannot compete with free shipping. I have to pay to box and ship my products, which is quite reasonable for small to moderate sized items, but it is largely prohibitively expensive for large items such as chairs, loveseats and swings. These larger items CAN be shipped but shipping expense is determined by weight, volume and distance. Shipping can be estimated and I can provide you with a price to deliver any item.

My business has been largely local, with customers coming to my shop and picking out and taking items with them. I am able to provide delivery for larger items LOCALLY. Long distance shipping of large items usually becomes too expensive.

I do not accept credit cards, but I can accept checks.
My hope is that more local customers will visit my shop in Lapel and I will be able to ship small items to people throughout the country.

I can make any of my products to your dimensions, but it is far quicker to purchase what I have on hand.

During a normal week my shop is open 11-5 Wednesday through Saturday. You can see what I am working on if you visit, as my workshop is adjacent to my showroom.
My blog has a selection of Pages you can visit that detail different products.
I am available by phone at my shop at 765-534-3009 or my cell at 317-645-7149 (you can text to this number)
My email is

I look forward to meeting new people and accepting new challenges to complete your project.
Please browse through my Pages and my blog to see what I have to offer.


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