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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Today was my day to work at the coop gallery, Artists on the Square in downtown Noblesville. I always try to keep busy, so I worked on plywood fabric and leather covered vases that I make from scrap plywood and leather and Upolstery fabric. The leather or fabric is glued to the wood and nailed down and trimmed with Upolstery nails.
It is a good thing that I had something to do, because the time would go very slowly and be wasted as NOONE visited the gallery today.
I was able to complete 35.
Today was the first real snow of the year and downtown Noblesville looked very festive with the large snowflakes against the background of the lovely downtown.
I did take a short drive and saw a pileated woodpecker.The stupidest bird name ever.Bull woodpecker would be better. Also saw bluebirds. Have been seeing lots of bluebirds.
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