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Thursday, April 19, 2012

April in Indiana

Beautiful spring day today. Stopped at Lafayette Trace park and hauled the trash barrel some idiot had rolled off the boat ramp up to my van to get it out of the water before the river rose and took it downstream. I will get the rest of the trash up today. I have never been able to participate in the massive river cleanups, but I am able to do small ones like this.
While I was there I saw a bluegray gnatcatcher.(what a name!)
While I wanted to take off for the Mississinewa Reservoir to do some mushroom hunting and visit another of my favorite spots, a lovely little waterfall deep in the woods, I went ahead and put in another day working on the production of mirrors. I am under a deadline, but mushroom season is very fleeting. I will take a little trip up there today to reward myself. It does look as if the season is almost over. Hard to believe this early in April.
Next week I will take my handmade rustic willow furniture to the wonderful Orchard in Bloom garden show in lovely Holliday park in Indy. This is one of the most artist-friendly events I participate in and this will be my twentieth year there.
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