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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Went to hunt mushrooms at one of my most productive places, but nothing. Looks like there will not be a season this year. Went to the waterfall, but there was just a trickle. Did see a hen turkey. Parulas all over this woods, which has very deep valleys and high hills. Lots of glacial boulders. The stream where the waterfall is has dried up completely. Never have I seen it so dry. Saw several dust devils on the way back. The soil in the woods seemed moist enough but the fields were very dry.
No other Warblers.
Did see other hunters in the woods.
Saw corn and soybeans coming up.
Black locust blossoms are out and the winter wheat is up to the height that tells me mushroom season is over. It makes me sad when I am unable to get enough for a mess.
Time to get back to making my handmade rustic bentwood willow furniture.
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