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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mushrooms and warblers

Although my blog was intended as a way to promote my willow rustic furniture, which is handmade, by me and sold from local art shows and from my shop in Lapel, I seem to have veered off the path to writing about whatever wildlife experience I have had.
Today I took another ten mirrors to my buddy from Hickory Designs. Thirty-four to go....
I was able to go mushroom hunting at my favorite place in the world, Veterans Park just outside Fortville. This is the same woods I have hunted mushrooms in since I was twelve.
I found three today, walking about a mile for each one. Oh well, at least I am not skunked. They were all pretty good sized yellows, and they looked as if they had been up for several days. This is the earliest I have found yellows.
Of course, being in this lovely woods which is just south of Lick and Fall creek is always a pleasure and brings back memories. It is hilly and has never been cleared. I used to work on wildlife nature badges when I was in scouts and loved roaming this primitive area.
I remember swinging off the hills on grapevines as a teenager, camping in the woods at all times of the year. The biggest mushrooms I ever found was back in there and I know these woods like the back of my hand.
I heard, but did not see a Northern Parula, as I do every year. I have seen the a few times, but not today. Their song is very distinctive. It is wild that I hear them her at this same tiny little area every year.
It is hard to keep my nose to the grindstone when these lovely spring days come.
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