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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back to main street

After the intensity of the three days of the Indiana Artisan marketplace, I am back to work in the shop. John Bundy and I collaborated on a table for a customer and I have started work on a series of 58 large mirrors for Brad McQueen from Hickory Designs. These mirrors will be going to a hotel in Idaho. They require that the willow trim be stained and this means that I am having to stain a large number of willow twigs with petroleum-based stain. I would rather not do this, but it is what the customer wants and it is a lucrative contract, so....

It is a great difference to go from talking to hundreds and hundreds of people to only a few at the shop. It is a nice change to have lots of input and interaction with people, but it is also nice to put a nice big steak on a hickory fire, pop open a heineken, and turn Exile on Main street all the way up.

It was also nice to be a part of the show and see old friends who set up and also who attend.
I was honored to learn that in scoring for Best of show, I came in second. This was especially sweet after winning best of show last year. Working and doing shows in the presence of such talented painters and potters,woodworkers and other artists, I often feel a little insecure and untalented. It is great to have a little positive feedback and it put a little spring in my step on Sunday. It is amazing to see just how much work is involved for everyone in setting up and tearing down the show.
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