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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pilgrim road bridge

Stopped at Pilgrim road bridge over Stony Creek, as I do nearly every day. Today I saw a school of twenty extremely large carp that frequent this water. I would guess the largest would be twenty pounds. Among them was an extremely large snapping turtle, prowling the bottom. The water was not as clear as it sometimes is. I haVe seen two or three at once during the summer. There was no sign of the even larger soft shells the I have frequently seen there, but I could see the muddy spot where they stay.
I did see a muskrat make his way under the bridge. I have not seen any all winter since the big diggers have torn up all the stream beds. No sign of the mink I used to see.
I did introduce myself to the young couple who are starting a winery there, as they were tending their grapevines.
Spent a boring day working on my mirrors. I have eleven done, fourth-seven to go.
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