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Friday, April 20, 2012


Back in the day when the weekend was different from the rest of the week, I was often impressed by the fact that in the spring, when everyone was so hungry to get out and go camping, fishing, being outdoors, Mother Nature often, very often it seemed, managed to make the rain and plunging temperatures coincide exactly with 5:00 pm, when everyone was getting off work, finding their weekend plans completely dashed. Plans made months in advance were instantly crushed by an incoming front that had every indication of lasting until 5:00 pm Sunday.

I sympatize with all the working people out there who have been smacked in the face by the seeming deliberate incoming nasty weather.

Worked today on my mirrors for the hotel in Idaho.

I will be glad to have this project done.

I will be setting up at the Orchard. In Bloom show at Holliday Park next Friday, Saturday,
Sunday. This is a very nice show. It is a good place to get ideas for the growing season. Come
out and see us!!

I learned today that despite my following the obituary page, I somehow missed the sudden death of one of my old high school buddies, Mike Brattain. O lost, and by the wind grieved ghost come back again. Mike taught me all my street smarts. He was a person who was always very kind
to me and would do anything to help me.

I will be demonstrating construction of rustic bentwood willow furniture at the Orchard in Bloomshow and I will be back to my normal routine of welcoming people to my rustic furniture shop in Lapel as soon as I finish up the run on mirrors.
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