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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More snipe

Stopped by the same place I saw the snipe yesterday. There were a couple of dozen there today and though it was still cold and windy, I was able to take some photos. I also checked the places I had seen them in the past, but nothing. The main thing I see is that although I railed about the big diggers tearing up the land, it is indeed an I'll wind that blows nobody good. The greening of the creek along the road at Lafayette Trace seems to have caused the snipe to move from thereto the disturbed land along the creek where I am seeing them now.
I believe that no one else has seen there elusive birds. I did see some solitary sandpipers along with some killdeer. I also believe I saw a diccissel,(the stupidest of all the stupid bird names) today, in an area I have seen them before. Think of a junior meadowlark.
Worked on my mirrors again today and friends Paul Van Duyn and Joe green stopped by. Always good to interact. With friends. Helped Bundy level a table we made for one of his old customers. It looks great.
Tomorrow the Indianapolis Star will carry an article about my work and the Artist on the square gallery. Who knows what will make it through the editor.
Cold windy day. The fire in my stove felt good and my excess stock of wood came in handy.

Paul Van Duyn shared a wonderful short story from his childhood and made me reflect upon my own childhood. Thanks for sharing this story with me Paul.
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