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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Saw about a dozen snipe today on the way home along 206 th street. They were in a litle stream that was dug up by the big diggers and is as a result very muddy. This is what they like and they were probing the mud with their long beaks. I used to see them all winter along the creek that parallels the road at Lafayette Trace park, but this has all grown up and no longer has bare muddy flats.
Most people associate snipe with the snipe hunts that winds up as a wild goose chase, likely because it would be impossible to sneak up on one.
I would have watched them longer, but there was a strong, cold wind blowing. I will start cruising this spot morning and evening.
Most people have never seen a snipe. They look like a tall woodcock. They tend to freeze when approached and will fly if flushed and will circle back around.
Delivered 14 mirrors to Brad McQueen today. Cut six bundles of tall thin willows to go with the nine I cut yesterday. They are all trimmed and will be stained and will be used for the next 44 mirrors.
Orchard in Bloom garden show is approaching. It takes place April 27-28-29 at Holliday Park, at Spring mill road and 65th street. This is the best garden show in Indy and this is the 22nd year. It will be my 20th year of participation.
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