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Monday, April 16, 2012

Savannah Sparrow

On the way to the shop today, I went by the spot where Geoff Davis and I have been seeing snipe.I drove south on Olio road off 206th street, an came to a bend with a fence row.I saw a flock of half a dozen sparrows and got my binoculars on them. My Nikon 7-22 binoculars allowed me to see the diagnostic streaked breast, pink legs and most conclusively, a yellow stripe through the eye. It was very windy, so I could't hear any calls or song.
I have seen these birds before, but the yellow stripe is not always visible or present. They usually look like song or vesper sparrows and I don't remember hearing any calls. I will pay more attention next time.
Worked in the shop on my mirrors the last week. I had a number of customers in the shop the last few days.
I am eager to go find some mushrooms. A few days after the rain, maybe we will see some. I plan to go with my school buddy JD Caudell to visit some of our favorite spots.
I also hope to do some fishing. I spoke to Conservation Officer John Gano at Lafayette trace park about some hillbilly dumbass who dumped a barrel of trash off the side of the boat ramp.So sad to see how utterly stupid and thoughtless people can be.
I often go to fishing areas where you can see the package the fishing pole came in, the package the bait came in, chip bags beer bottles or cans,propane canisters. Whenever I am able I try to pick this trash up. I does make me mad and makes me wonder why someone would be so thoughtless.
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