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Monday, April 23, 2012

Orchard in Bloom

Getting things together to set up at Orchard in Bloom garden show at Holliday Park at 65th and Spring Mill in Indianapolis. This is one of my favorite shows, artist friendly and low key, lots of interested patrons and their families. It is also very kid friendly, with many activities for children and the kids from Orchard school taking an active part in running the show. This is my twentieth year. Very often, the weather during the show has been difficult. Storms freezing temperatures, rain, howling winds. Maybe all in the space of three days. I does look as if the high winds and cold temperatures will back off a little. I will be doing a continous demonstration of making rustic willow furniture during the show. Of course, during this weekend my rustic furniture gallery and shop will be closed. I am near the end of my 58 large mirrors headed to Idaho. It makes me proud to know that my work will be in such a faraway place. Wildlife viewing has taken a back seat lately. I was able to go mushroom hunting a couple of times, but only 3 yellows. The snipe are still out on 206th street, and they are getting closer and easier to see. It will be interesting to see how long they stick around. There are a lot of little creeks that provide the habitat they like around here.
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